Watercress (Nasturtium officinale), Candida Cleansing and Bronchitis Remedy.

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The Candida cleansing ability of Watercress makes this herb an essential component of fighting infection and the after effects of antibiotic therapy. Antibiotic therapy often times will kill a majority of the natural bacteria in a person's colon. Once the bacteria are suppressed, diarrhea will occur followed by Candida type yeast, usually Candida albicans. Watercress has the Candida cleansing abilities which will remove the Candida species and return the colon to normal. For further information on Candida, the medical conditions Candida causes, and the importance of cleansing the colon and other parts of the body of Candida, click here: Candida cleansing.

Watercress is a fast growing perennial which thrives near springs and open running watercourses since it is either aquatic or semi-aquatic. The ideal growing condition for this herb is in slightly alkaline water, such as headwaters of chalk streams. Watercress is native to Europe and Asia and was one the first known leaf vegetables consumed by human beings. Watercress is a member of the cabbage family having taste similar to that of the garden cress or mustard plant. Flowers are small and white. The leaves and shoots are used in Essiac Tea.

Watercress 2 Some of the most noteworthy uses of Watercress have been as a general tonic, to alleviate constipation, as a remedy for cough and bronchitis, as a blood purifier and cleanser, and as a diuretic. Besides these uses, Watercress also has an antibacterial function inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the intestines. This is made possible by a substance called Rhein. This Rhein also gives Watercress an antifungal property which makes it a good Candida cleansing remedy.

Watercress is rich in Vitamins A and C, iron, calcium, manganese, iodine, beta-carotene, folic acid, protein, bitter extract and water. This bitter extract is thought to stimulate the appetite and improve digestion. The high anti-oxidant content of Watercress gives this herb potential as an anti-cancer herb.

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