Though We Can't Claim Essiac is a Natural Cure, it's Used by Many as a Treatment for Their Particular Ailments.

Essiac tea is a popular herbal medicine used throughout the world as treatment for many different illnesses and diseases in humans. Dogs and cats can benefit just as much as people from treatment with Essiac tea. There have been countless claims of benefit from people who took essiac. It may or may not be a natural cure for cancer and other devasating illnesses, but it's use as a treatment for these diseases and illnesses continues to grow. If it's effective in people why wouldn't a person want to help their dog or cat in the same manner.

Pet owners have seen results ranging from improved health to a complete cure in their dog/cat from using Essiac tea. Once again, we can't claim it will cure any disease, but it may help with some health ailments directly or indirectly through cleansing the body or boosting the immune system. Some of the predominant diseases and illnesses for which Essiac may help include diarrhea, constipation, cancer, chronic pain, arthritis, diabetes, ulcers, colon issues, kidney problems, bladder infections, and other less common ailments.

Most every human disease which shows benefits from Essiac tea will show the same results in a dog or cat. There are a few exceptions but they are few. So, mix up a portion of Essiac, mix it with turkey broth and your animal will love you for the treat and will be around for you to love back for many healthy years.

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