Treat the Many Types of Dog Cancer with Essiac Tea as You Would Human Cancers.

The types of dog cancer and cat cancer are about as numerous as human cancers. Dogs and cats lifespans are increasing due to better care from vaccinations and general healthcare. Because these animals live longer the incidence of cancer is becoming greater than in the past. The same holds true for humans. The older the animal/human the more likely they'll acquire cancer or heart disease. So, its important for the dog's owner to have "man's best friend" checked on a regular basis for cancer and to look for any signs of cancer.

The method of treatment depends heavily on the types of dog cancer diagnosed. A proper diagnosis is the first step in treating your pet. The range of survival rate among the different types of dog cancer are broad. For the more curable cancer types the treatment is pretty straight forward. The first option would be to remove the entire cancerous tissue leaving the animal cancer free. If this isn't 100% effective or can't be performed, then chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy become options. For the more curable types of dog cancer, these methods should bring about a cancer cure.

For the more severe types of dog cancer a cure often times isn't a possibility. Chemotherapy, radiation, and sugery can all be done but with little success. The dog's life may be extended for a short period of time but the end result is still the same. In many of the more severe cases its best to treat the dog in a palliative manner. There won't be a cure but there are ways to ease the pain, suffering and increase the quality of the dog's remaining time.

No matter what the severity of the cancer in your dog or cat, Essiac tea has many beneficial aspects which will indeed help cure, treat or palliate your dog. Essiac tea should be used in addition to chemotherapy and radiation therapy. These therapy methods have a tendency to suppress the immune system, decrease one's appetite, damage healthy cells in the body, and other adverse bodily damage. Chemotherapy and radition therapy are types of poison that rid the body of the fast growing cancer cells while leaving most of the slower growing healthy cells alone. But that's not 100% possible because some healthy cells are fast growing, such as cells in the intestine, and healthy cells which reside near cancer cells will incur damage from the radiation or chemotherapy drugs because of their proximity to the involved site. Essiac tea helps with many of the side effects of these treatments, while helping build a stronger response against the cancer by working together with the chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Essiac tea is rich in Vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients which make the immune system strong. If the immune system isn't kept strong during cancer treatments, then the treatments can't continue. Keeping a healthy white cell count (disease fighting cells) is necessary and this is a healthy immune system's responsibility. Essiac tea also helps to increase one's appetite. Many cancer patient's have an adverse response to food when going through treatment especially chemotherapy. Essiac tea will stimulate the appetite so the patient can stay strong physically. Some of Essiac tea's other important functions when it comes to cancer treatment is it purifies the blood, liver, and spleen and other important organs. Essiac tea removes free radicals from the body.

So, the primary method of treatment will depend on the possibility of survival. But, Essiac tea is good for all types of dog cancer. It will make them healthier, stronger, and better able to cope with cancer treatments and if the conventional method isn't an option, maybe Essiac tea can do what chemotherapy and radiation therapy couldn't.

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