Essiac Tea is the Perfect Pet Herbal Remedy for Older Canine Illness.

Older canine illness is a touchy subject with many dog owners. Does the owner spend the money necessary to treat severe canine illness, such as cancer, or do they do nothing and let their puppy suffer and die? Almost all dogs get cancer and many will die from this disease. Veternarians treat many illnesses, including cancer, similar to how people are treated by people doctors. But, there is only so much a veternarian can do for your animal. Many times decisions have to be made whether the illness can be overcome and at what dollar amount. This is where an alternative medicine such as essiac makes an enormous amount of sense. Essiac is extremely inexpensive and is 100% natural. Essiac has strong medicinal properites which will possibly cure your dog's cancer and will certainly improve his/her health. Essiac may be taken along with chemotherapy/radiation therapy/surgeries or all by itself.

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Cancer isn't the only canine illness essiac tea will treat. We have included additional information about how essiac tea helps treat other types of canine illness and cat illness. Click on the links below to learn more about the illness listed.

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We love our Boxers. Their names are Jessie (young female), Marcel (young male) and Abbey (old female). Abbey is getting extremely old. We want to prolong her life and make it worth living. She currently has arthritis, cancer and a few other normal ailments older dogs acquire over time. So, we're giving Abbey, Marcel and Jessie a daily dose of essiac tea mixed with turkey broth. Abbey gets a couple extra doses a day then Jessie and Marcel. Jessie and Marcel are on the preventative dosage while Abbey is on the aggressive dosage. We wish we had started Abbey on Essiac tea sooner so she wouldn't have the experience of suffering from severe arthritis. We won't make the same mistake with Jessie or Marcel. Plus, it's only pennies a day to treat all three dogs.

This pet herbal remedy works equally well for cat illness. Most felines will acquire leukemia in their lifetime. Essiac tea is a good way to prevent the onset of leukemia and to help treat the illness if and when they are diagnosed with this disease.

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