Dog Cancer is Prevalent Among the Growing Population of Older Dogs.

Essiac tea can help with dog cancer. Depending on the severity of the cancer growth there are three main ways Essiac tea is useful as a course of treatment. Essiac tea can be the primary cancer fighting ingredient, can be used in combination with chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy, or may be used as a palliative treatment. Essiac tea is also useful in preventing cancer in dogs.

One of the most important aspects of treating canine cancer is diagnosing the disease early on. That means the dog's owner has to be aware of what cancer sign or symptom to be looking for. Some of the more common signs or symptoms are lethargy, weight loss, lumps in the skin/coat, and a difference in the dog's demeanor.

Symptoms lasting for more than a few days should be taken seriously and a veterinarian should be consulted. Once the cancer is diagnosed the different cancer treatments are considered. A lot of the decision making related to dog cancer treatment has to do with the prognosis of the individual dog. Not every dog and every cancer is treated exactly the same.

Essiac tea can be used for every type of dog cancer. Its effects on each cancer differs, but the one constant is the fact essiac tea will make a difference. The difference may be as little as feeling stronger and healthier to possibly a complete cure. The potential is there. It's up to interactions between conventional treatment, Essiac tea and the effect Essiac tea has on improving the necessary body systems enabling the body to fight.

Dog cancer is a result of many of the same factors as human cancers. Environment, exercise, smoking household, eating habits, sun exposure and heredity all have a factor in whether a dog will acquire cancer and what type of cancer. Cancer in dogs can be prevented just as it can in humans. Exercise, proper diet, smoke and pollution-free environments, sun protection, and being aware of the type of cancer a certain dog breed is most susceptible. There may be additional things a dog owner can do to prevent a particular cancer. For example, keeping a skin cancer susceptible dog from excess sun exposure. Essiac has many of the properties of a preventative cancer remedy. Click here to visit our essiac shopping site: ShopSite. Place an Order, Compare Pricing, or Check Out Packaging Options.

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