Essiac Tea Herbs Are Most Effective When Stored and Handled Properly.

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Essiac tea products aren't all the same. We specialize in the eight herb essiac formula, not the original four herb essiac formula. Secondly, essiac products shouldn't be mass produced. We produce each and every order as we receive them directly from you, the customer. Freshness is essential for quality premium essiac. Once processed, the essiac herbs are packaged in air tight containers sealing in the freshness. This way you receive the freshest, highest quality essiac herbs possible. The rest is up to you.

Processing and packaging of essiac herb.

The eight herbs we use in the manufacturing process of our essiac product are ordered in bulk on a regular basis. On a weekly basis, between 100 and 1000 pounds of essiac herbs are processed. The quantity of essiac herbs purchased and processed by us depends solely on the total weight of orders received from you. The herbs we receive for the manufacturing process are used immediately retaining every ounce of freshness possible. The essiac herbs are packaged immediately in one of three types of containers. The three choices are heat sealed polybags, screw top plastic bottles with safety seal, and bulk form in a large polybag with ladder tie. The heat sealed polybags and screw top plastic bottles are the best options for air tight freshness. The bulk polybags are primarily for people who will repackage the essiac herbs once they receive them into their homes.

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Storage of essiac herb.

Proper storage of essiac herbs is essential. Heat sealed polybags and screw top plastic bottles will remain fresh for up to one year. The ideal storage space for essiac herbs would be in a cool, dark, and climate controlled environment. The kitchen closet will suffice as long as its dark, doesn't get too warm and there isn't excess moisture in the air. DO NOT store the essiac herbs in the refrigerator. The bulk polybag with ladder tie must be repackaged in ziploc bags or heat sealed polybags to maintain freshness. Once repackaged properly, these packages should be stored in the same manner as above.

Brewing essiac.

The properly stored essiac herbs will brew effective essiac tea. The brewing instructions are pretty straight forward. They include boiling water in a large pot, adding essiac herbs, simmering for 10 minutes, leaving tea in the pot at room temperature for at least 12 hours, and finally funneling the tea into a storage container. For specific details of the essiac brewing process, click here: essiac tea brewing instructions.

Essiac tea storage.

Freshly brewed essiac tea must be refrigerated since it doesn't contain any additives or preservatives. The tea must NOT be stored for more than two weeks because the tea may spoil. A fresh batch should be prepared once every two weeks.

Storage containers.

The type of container used to store essiac tea in the refrigerator is of personal preference. It can be a spring water gallon container, glass bottle, or any other type of container with a lid. Make sure any container used is cleaned thoroughly with hot water prior to funneling tea into this container. Amber bottles may be used if preferred but they are not necessary. The purpose of amber bottles is to keep the light from reaching the tea. For some methods of brewing, it's recommended to store the tea on closet shelves in the dark. Amber bottles help with this process. The brewing and storage method of refrigeration we encourage makes the whole light issue irrelevant. There isn't any light inside your refrigerator.

Our purpose is to supply our customers with the best product possible. With your help, the entire process from essiac herb production to the consumption of the essiac herbal tea can and should be a total success with outstanding results. These guidelines are simple to follow. Though simple, these guidelines are extremely important for the highest quality of essiac tea brewed.

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