Who is Premium Essiac Tea 4less

Well that‘s a good question. Premium essiac tea 4less was founded by Daryl Jenks. Daryl is a cancer survivor, a medical professional and is married to a descendant of the Ojibway Indian tribe located in upstate Minnesota.

Daryl was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease in the fall of 1982 while serving in the US Army. This was way before Daryl knew anything about essiac. He went through the usual staging process. The first step was numerous x-rays. The second step was a biopsy of a neck lymph node. After confirming the existence of cancer, the next step was to extract bone marrow from both anterior iliac crests. Since cancer wasn’t found in the bone marrow the doctors proceeded to do a laprarotomy which included a splenectomy. Cancer was found during the laprarotomy in the spleen, liver, and the descending aortic vein. Other procedures included cat scans, lymphangiograms, and blood tests.

Daryl received chemotherapy for three months until his immune system became too suppressed. After a week to recover the doctors started him on radiation therapy. Three weeks of radiation left his body burned, his saliva glands dry and useless, without a voice and without any energy. After a couple weeks, the last three months of chemotherapy were administered. A full cure was accomplished but the by-products of the chemotherapy and radiation therapy lingered for a couple years.

After Daryl recovered from the cancer treatments he enrolled in college. He received two bachelor degrees from Michigan State University. One degree was in Education with an emphasis in Exercise Science and Nutrition. The second degree was in Medical Technology. Daryl has over 20 years of experience in the medical field including the time spent acquiring his degrees. Fifteen years of this time was spent in the hospital environment before becoming discouraged with the big business of the hospital world. Daryl founded premium essiac tea 4less in late 2005.

Daryl’s wife, Roxanne, is a direct descendent of the Ojibwa Indians located in the state of Minnesota. Roxanne is the great-grand-daughter of a full blooded Ojibwa woman which lived in Thief River Falls, Minnesota near the Red Lake Reservation. It’s from the Ojibwa Indians where essiac came.

Even though Daryl overcame cancer by undergoing Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy, he truly believes the entire process would have been less painful and tiresome if he had been consuming essiac tea along with the Radiation and Chemotherapy. Although he cannot make health claims, he truly believes that essiac tea makes him feel better. Daryl created the website called Premium Essiac Tea 4less.com so he could do his part to help others.

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