The Method of Taking Essiac is of Personal Preference.

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Taking essiac. Let me start by saying, "Bitter is Better". It's a motto we live by. Yes, this essiac is somewhat bitter because of the four additional herbs we've added, such as watercress and blessed thistle. Unfortunately, the bitterness prevents some people from taking essiac. So, we have suggestions for making the essiac experience as pleasant as possible. You shouldn't have to miss out on the benefits of our essiac because of dislike for the taste.

Why is this essiac bitter?

Dr Charles Brusch spent many years in cooperation with Rene Caisse, R.N., searching for the most effective essiac formula. The formula we advertise is based on the formula Dr Brusch and Rene Caisse worked together to perfect. Dr Brusch and Rene Caisse incorporated four additional herbs into the original essiac formula. These four additional herbs include blessed thistle, sea kelp, red clover, and watercress. With the incorporation of the four additional herbs came the bitterness associated with blessed thistle and watercress. Dr Brusch and Rene Caisse found the benefits of the watercress and blessed thistle far outweighed the bitterness of this formula.

The bitterness of essiac is only partly due to the watercress and blessed thistle. The freshness of the herb contributes to the bitterness. Fresher herbs have more bitterness. Fresher herbs are more effective. This is where our motto, "Bitter is Better", originated.

One final aspect of this essiac formula which makes it more effective and thus have more bitterness is the fact we grind all the herbs together. Some companies avoid grinding certain portions of the herbs. Instead, they include the twig or stick form in the recipe. So, the twig or stick is boiled. The effectiveness of the stick/twig formula falls short of the totally ground essiac herb formula. Much of the nutrients and healing properties aren't released from the stick/twig form. Plus, to acquire the most effect from essiac, the herbs must be consumed with the liquid. It's hard to drink a stick.

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Ideal Method for Taking Essiac

Taking essiac on an empty stomach is the most effective method for treating illness. The essiac tea must be shaken thoroughly so there is an equal distribution of essiac herb sediment in every dose. Taking the essiac one hour before eating or two hours after eating is highly recommended. Consuming the pure essiac tea with herbal sediment on a completely empty stomach allows for the highest absorption rate into the blood stream via the digestive system. One minor obstacle of achieving this method of taking essiac may be the taste. Essiac tea is an acquired taste. The essiac may seem bitter at first, but gradually the taste improves and the bitterness subsides.

Alternative Methods for Taking Essiac.

There are a variety of ways for taking essiac. Of course, the best method is taking it straight. But, in reality, the bitter taste just won't allow this method for some people. We recommend several methods to help disguise the taste of essiac. They consist of chasing the herbal dosage with some sort of beverage, mixing the herbal dosage with fruit juice, plugging the nose while consuming the herbal dosage, or bypassing the tongue by using an eyedropper or turkey baster.

Top Ten List for Taking Essiac

1. Orange Juice: Chase the consumption of essiac with orange juice. Orange juice neutralizes the bitter taste. Three ounces of orange juice should suffice.

2. Blend with Fruit Juice: Mix the essiac into a small amount of fruit juice. The fruitjuice can be orange juice, cranberry juice, or any other natural fruit juice. The amount of fruit juice will depend upon individual preference.

3. Plugging nose: 80% of the ability to taste is related to the nose (smell). By plugging the nose, the taste of the essiac is diminished.

4. Eye dropper/Turkey Baster: The tongue has approximately 10,000 little taste buds lining it from front to back and from side to side. With an eye dropper/turkey baster, you’re able to bypass the tongue and dispense the essiac directly down your throat.

5. Suck on a lemon/lime: Immediately after consuming the essiac, put a piece of lemon or lime in your mouth. Sucking the juice helps neutralize the taste.

6. Chew on peanuts: Chewing on a couple peanuts helps placate the taste and the gritty feeling from the essiac. Sunflower seeds, soy nuts or any other natural seed will work.

7. Teaspoon of peanut butter: Eat a teaspoon of peanut butter directly before consuming essiac. Allow the peanut butter to line your tongue. This will disguise the taste and diminish the gritty feeling.

8. Mountain Dew: A personal favorite. Three ounces of Mountain Dew after taking essiac seems to make the taste of essiac disappear. I don’t recommend a caffeine or sugar beverage, but it does work.

9. Vernors: Michigan’s ginger ale. Vernors (ginger ale) is good for whatever ails you, including making the essiac experience easier. Consume 3 ounces after taking essiac.

10. Water: Drink water after taking essiac. You can consume as much water as you need. There is no limit.

Narrowly missing out on our personal TOP TEN were honey and stevia. Both, honey and stevia, may be used in two different manners. Each can be mixed in with the essiac before consuming or may be taken directly after. Once again, it's personal preference. Of course, the best way for taking essiac is in its pure state. But, mixing with a little bit of juice, soda, or nuts will have an insignificant effect on the way essiac works. So, do what you need to make the essiac experience pleasant.

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