Wholesale Essiac

Visit Discount-Essiac-Tea.com for all orders and assistance. Or, contact Bryan at 866-377-4221 or email at jimed75.com.

We deliver wholesale essiac in bulk and in individual packets. We will get you the best price possible on bulk and individual packets. Our essiac is made of certified organic and wild crafted herbs.

Wholesale Bulk

We sell many different bulk size packages. The savings increases per pound as the packages get larger. We list packages upwards of 13.6 pounds on our website store. If you’re interested in larger amounts than 13.6 pounds then please call us at 866-840-3389 and we’ll get you an excellent price per pound on whatever amount you require.

Wholesale Packets

The same goes for packets. The savings increases per packet as the amount of packets purchased increases. We list packets on our website store starting at one 1 ounce packet and upwards of one-hundred-five 1 ounce packets. If you require something other than what's listed on the website store then contact us by phone at 866-840-3389 or by email at daryl@premium-essiac-tea-4less.com.

Personalized Labels for Packets

Here’s something we offer that not many others do: labels with your information and attached by us to your packets for no additional charge. So, if you’re interested in 16, 35, 105 or any other amount of packets and you want your contact information, store information, or any other type of information included, then we’ll make labels to your satisfaction and then attach them to your packets. We’ll do all the work for you.

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Contact Daryl Toll Free @ 866-840-3389 with any questions. You can also send an email to daryl@premium-essiac-tea-4less.com.

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